ROSETTE : a carnivale of sound !


Roll up! Roll up! and see escapees from a freak show, Rosette unleashes a mighty, grinding carnivale of sound. Are these three freaks or stage divas, Pathetic clowns or Vauderville prophets ? These cranky musicians form a totally wild exploding team make any place a playground by breaking all the rules, only anarchy rules

Its an original cast steeped in high energy dark carnivale tradition. An absolute punk show that interacts with its audience: The cast includes Michel, the great wizard of rythm, a highly skilled stuntman and an expert in stairway falls ; also introducing Camille, the one-and-only double hairy-face bass female player in the whole Franche Comté area ; and last but not least, the young Sébastien, who trained at the Basque pickpocket school and can play the saxophone in a very special way… with just one lung.

A highly demanding music that makes space for forthcoming inventions, a combination of biting changes and playful energy, a love affair between all kinds of music in which every single moment is spared for brounïakerie ! Play the music seriously, but not too seriously, everything fun and fair, a magicial combination for sound

The Rosette trio begun to hit the road in 2002, and has been playing in concert halls, theatres, the big top , public spaces, living rooms, handcarts, and gardens, to the delight of a great many people.


Sebastien Coste: soprano sax, balloons, voice
Camille Perrin: double bass, toys, voice
Michel Deltruc: percussions, toys, voice


ROSETTE / Dessin Pierre Galotte



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