BAUDRUCHE… A solo filled with air to breath with ears



One man and balloons play with gravity. This kind of synaesthete, both a tamer and tamed, deals with significant troubles with air. Between two breaths, he awakens the way we listen to the present time. This absurd musical play is almost round and full of emptiness and will re-oxygenate lungs of all ages. The risks you may face are choking, leaks or bloating. 


Balloon-Man : Sébastien COSTE
Illuminating view : Alfred Spirli
Breathing assistant : Ludor Citrik
Costume collaborator : Cathy Roulle
Enlightenment : Jean-marc François
Illustration : Marie Bouts / Photo ban : Eric Chevalier


Produced by : Brounïak!
Partners : CCAM – scène nationale de Vandœuvre, Conseil Régional de Lorraine
Thanks to : Ramdam à Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon, Cie l’Escabelle à Rugy, MJC Lillebonne à Nancy, TGP de Frouard, Carré à Château-Gontier.

Carte postale

BAUDRUCHE / Dessin: Marie Bouts

Dessin: Marie Bouts

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